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The unique Hip thruster/Floor Glute Ham Developer (GHD) is a machine that allows users to perform both glute ham raises and hip thrusts. With this device, users can exercise more efficiently than with standard devices that usually do not place you in the optimal position.

The Hip thruster/Floor GHD is fully adjustable, allowing users of all body lengths and builds to use it. The eight pairs of band pins enable various workout variations with your own body weight, with resistance bands or with a barbell and weights, to add extra load to your workout. The compact design is suitable for home users as well as professional athletes, physiotherapists and personal trainers.

The steel and extremely stable construction of the Hip thruster/Floor GHD allows the use of extra weights, and offers a safe, standing position on the non-slip platform.

The high-quality foam roller, together with the durable pads, ensures comfort during exercises. The pad is large enough to perform the exercise perfectly and features soft padding for knee protection.

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Hip thrusts / Nordic curls

Glute ham raises

Barbell hip thrusts


BLK box

Reverse hamstring curls

Bulgarian split squats

Banded deadlifts


Height-adjustable Hip Thrust pad

Adjustable footrest

Large, adjustable and removable knee pad

8 band pins on each side for attaching resistance bands

Stable, heavy-duty and freestanding design

Safe and easy to use

Compact design

Suitable for users of all body sizes


Product: L 163 x W 97 x H 36-46 cm

Net weight: 85 kg

Load capacity: 300 kg

Colour: black

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Gewicht 85 kg


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