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Bodytrading RFL2 is the modular technical surface developed for areas dedicated to power sports, free weight areas and cross training. The product reduces noise and vibrations caused by the fall of weights, damps the rebounds and increases the safety of the training area users. The surface provides a protective layer, which preserves both the integrity of the underlying surface and the equipments, extending their lifespan.RFL2?is the surface with the best performances in its category and is entirely realized with environment friendly processes and materials.

RFL2 tiles are composed by rubber granules bonded with an high-resistance polyurethanic glue. The surface is slightly porous thanks the use of fine rubber granules which allow to obtain a linear visual effect, while maintaining the high grip of the product.

Easy to transport, install and clean. Wear-resistant and maintenance-free. Thanks to its modular structure the surface is not subjected to deformations caused by seasonal temperature changes.

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The product is available in black or pixel colors. The pixel effect is obtained by adding to the black surface a 10% of colored rubber grains (red, green, blue or gray). Customization with special colors and logos are available on request.

The product doesn?t require special maintenance, it is possible to wash the surface with normal floor cleaners or sanitizing products. In case of contact with oil or other liquid substances, remove and clean promptly.

Cleaning with soap and warm water allows to remove oily substances. The common cleaning methods are the use of a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt and the use of a wet cloth or a mop for the surface cleaning.

Note: the laying is recommended on a flat surface!


Appearance : flat tile, made with fine rubber grains, porous surface.

Density : about 980 kg/m3

Bacterial immunity : resistant to mold and bacteria according to the norm UNI 11021:2002.

Cold resistance : -50?C. The product is stable under normal environmental conditions.

Heat resistance : +100?C. The product is stable under normal environmental conditions.

Tolerances : dimensional tolerance < 1% - presence of surface impurities < 0,1%. Chemicals resistance : alkali resistant, good resistance to acids. Composition : rubber granule, glue without solvent. Dimensions Tile: L 100 x W 100 x H 2 cm Packing: pallet L 105 x W 105 x H 120 cm Net weight per tile: 19.6 kg Downloads Data Sheet (PDF)

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