Heart rate monitor with chest strap

The DKN-Technology Bluetooth Heart Rate transmitter is compatible with Bluetooth Smart (BLE 4.0) and works with a great range of fitness tracking apps.

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Training with a Heart rate monitor with chest strap means knowing how your body works. You can map all your heart rate data in detail through reliable and accurate data.

Automatically connects to compatible DKN-Technology consoles.
Place the heart rate belt correctly:

  • Make sure the electrode pads are clean before use (dirt and sweat residue can affect the accuracy of the measurement)
  • Position your heart rate belt so that both sensors fit snugly against the skin.
  • Connect the HR-sensor transmitter to the belt.
  • Turn on the transmitter. Your heart rate is registered automatically.


This Bluetooth heart rate belt works with a variety of fitness tracker apps, such as Strava, Wahoo, Runtastic, Runkeeper, Endomondo, etc. The heart rate monitor does not need to be paired with your smartphone, simply activate a compatible app on your smart device and you heart rate is recorded automatically.

The DKN-Technology heart rate monitor uses Bluetooth smart® (BLE 4.0).

Band length: 88 cm (suitable for chest: 70-120 cm/ 27.5″ 47.2″)
Battery life (approximately): 1000 hours (1 year at 1 hour/day use)
Battery: CR2032X1pc (included)
Transmission range: up to 10 feet
Waterproof: IPX7
Operating Temperature: 0°C~50oC(32oF~122°F)
Weight: 47g (transmitter + fabric strap + battery)