X-motion II

An authentic road-like ride with Smart Technology that enables measured and computer controlled, friction free resistance.

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The X-Motion II is a revolutionary indoor bike.

The heart of the X-Motion II is a 23 kg aluminum flywheel, which is driven by a V-belt, is equipped with tailor-made components and ensures that the pedal moves silently.

Up to 4 users can use the console to set up their individual profiles consisting of age, gender, weight and height.

These data are used to calibrate the feedback provided such as calorie consumption and effort (measured in watts).

The console offers 32 resistance levels, 12 preset programs, wireless heart rate measurement (with optional Bluetooth chest strap), a custom program and a constant watt program.

In addition, a heart rate controlled program is included for the ultimate focused workout.

The WATT control program is especially useful for cyclists as it allows a target effort to be entered and the smart technology calculates the required resistance level based on the pedaling speed and profile information and continuously adjusts the resistance every 15-30 seconds to keep the user on the required training level.

The available target range is between 10 watts and a very challenging 500 watts!


This indoor bike enables the correct geometric riding position for users of all heights through a combination of a height-adjustable seat with a horizontal adjustment option of 25 mm and a handlebar that is micro-adjustable horizontally and vertically.

The X-Motion II is developed on a proven next-generation platform with double bars for more stability.

In addition, the bike is equipped with an ergonomic racing saddle featuring flexible seating and an anatomical cutout.

The combination of the sturdy frame, the precise adjustability and the MTB saddle ensures an indoor bike that can be used for longer periods of time with exceptional ride comfort. In addition, the double-sided pedals are SPD compatible for serious cycling exercises, or alternatively the traditional toe strap can be used for convenience.

Introduction to iRoutes
Challenge yourself on some of the most famous trips in the world. With the X-Motion you can check yourself with Kinomap and Zwift (manual resistance)!
Select a route, press start and follow the map at your own pace with the climb and descend feature

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