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Get fit and slim down from the comfort of your own home with our Elliptical Trainer – Your ultimate slimming solution!

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Upgrade your home fitness routine with the XC-210 Elliptical Trainer for slimming and Toning!

The XC-210 Elliptical Trainer is an excellent choice for serious users who demand top-notch quality equipment. This cross trainer offers a truly exceptional motion, specification, and performance for every user type. With a heavy-duty front flywheel and pivoting footplates, you can enjoy a large 54 cm stride length with 26 kg of rotating mass. The XC-210 also offers the ability for 4 separate users to store their information and get precise readings and workouts suited to their own data.

Some advantages:

  • Adjustable resistance levels from 10 to 400 Watts
  • 54 cm stride length suitable for users up to 205 cm tall
  • Articulating foot pedals reduce stress and strain on ankles and feet
  • LCD console displays RPM, timer, distance, calorie burn, watt, heart rate, 24 levels, 12 time-intervals, and 12 preprogrammed courses
  • Compatible with Kinomap and Google Maps for a virtual workout experience
  • Whisper quiet drive system and work-out cooling fan for comfortable use
  • Can store information for up to 4 separate users


Perfect fit for tall individuals

With a stride length of 54 cm, the XC-210 is best suited for individuals up to 205 cm tall. The articulating foot pedals angle with the elliptical stride to limit heel lifting, reducing stress and strain on your ankle and foot. This premium cross trainer with a heavy-duty 16 kg flywheel gives you a great workout every time with its whisper-quiet drive system and 3 levels of incline.

Precise and personalized workouts

The XC-210 provides an automatically controlled resistance range of 10 to 400 Watts adjustable in 5 Watt interval steps. This feature means you can get a far more precise workout and offers a wide range of intensities for all users. The multifunctional LCD provides feedback on RPM, timer, distance, calorie burn, watt, heart rate, 24 levels, 12 time-intervals, and 12 preprogrammed courses. The XC-210 also includes a work-out cooling fan, a great feature when doing endurance training. The machine is also compatible with Kinomap, which allows you to use Google Map© data and get access to any spot in the world in the comfort of your own home.

Sturdy and compact design

The XC-210 features a reinforced structure that offers great stability, even when working at an intense pace. The machine’s pedals are extremely wide and non-slip to provide secure support. With a narrow Q factor of 5 cm, the XC-210 provides optimal comfort, making it a great alternative to low-impact treadmills. The machine also comes equipped with levelers at the base, allowing you to adjust it on uneven ground and integrated wheels for easy transportation.

Personalized profiles for multiple users

The XC-210 is suitable for up to 4 user profiles, making it ideal for multiple users or individuals who want the best in home fitness equipment. Save your own profile in the training computer so that you can get even more out of your elliptical trainer. The machine is also programmable up to 32 resistance intervals, with 12 presets and a continuous WATT program in addition to your personal settings. The XC-210 also includes heart rate monitoring with standard integrated sensors in the handlebars and Bluetooth 4.0 for more accurate registration. The My Zone’ HR programming allows you to personalize your workout to your own fitness level.

Elliptical Trainer Upper Body Workout for Slimming

Experience an impressive Upper Body Workout with the XC-210 elliptical trainer. Its dual-action multigrip handlebar allows you to comfortably grab different positions, targeting various muscles of the upper body and trunk. Achieve your slimming goals while enjoying a full-body workout on this advanced elliptical trainer.

Compact and space-saving

The XC-210 elliptical trainer has a footprint of less than 156 x 61 cm, making it an excellent choice for those with limited space. Upgrade your home fitness routine with the XC-210 Elliptical Trainer and enjoy a truly exceptional workout experience.

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