Fitness Mat 10mm – Black

Our recyclable, PVC-free training mat made of sustainable TPE Rubber provides comfort and durability for core and stability workouts with a non-slip surface, offered in 180 x 62 cm dimensions, 10 mm thickness, and available with or without eyeholes, all packaged in eco-friendly recycled cardboard.

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Our training mat is recyclable and PVC-free, it is made of TPE Rubber, which is one of the most sustainable materials for mats without compromising quality and durability.

Our training mat is an indispensable tool for your comfort when working on your core, and stability or if you just wanna improve your overall strength in the most comfortable way.

This mat comes with a non-slip surface, that ensures a perfect grip.

This mat is without an eyehole.


180 X 62 cm.
Thickness 10 mm.

The TPE mat is black and comes in a box of recycled cardboard.
It comes with and without eye holes.