Flex Band Light – Light Grey

Our flex bands, constructed from natural latex and available in three durable strength levels (light in light grey, medium in beige, and hard in black), are essential for building strength and power in your arms, core, and legs. These Natural Rubber flex bands are conveniently packaged in an eco-friendly recycled cardboard box.


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Flex bands are indispensable, when you are adding strength and power to your arms, core and legs.

Our flex bands are made of natural latex and comes in three different durable strengths levels.


  • 2000 X 130 X 0,4 mm. Light – comes in light grey
  • 2000 x 130 x 0,5 mm. Medium – comes in beige
  • 2000 X 130 C 0,6 mm. Hard – comes in black.

Our flex bands are made of Natural Rubber and comes in a box of recycled cardboard.