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The Max Grip Handles help you target hard-to-reach muscles in your back. The rubber-coated, ergonomically shaped handles provide a superior grip, allowing you to focus on squeezing power rather than on your grip. With each handle, you can isolate the muscle depending on the width of the attachment used, reducing wrist strain.
The Max Grip handles are available in various sizes: 31 cm, 34 cm, 42 cm, 54 cm, 61 cm, and 80 cm, enabling you to perform any desired pulling motion.
Note: Carabiner hook is not included! Not every carabiner hook is suitable for use with our grips.
* Set of 8 handles from wide to narrow grip
* Focus on muscle isolation
* Ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in the hand
* 10 mm thick steel plate with anti-slip coating
* Angled to alleviate joint pain
* Carabiner hook available separately

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