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The innovative invention by Powerblock makes training much easier. Where you once needed a whole set of dumbbells, now you only need a single set. The easy weight adjustment allows you to quickly have the right dumbbell for your workout.
Powerblock dumbbells provide you with the capacity of a full dumbbell rack. This makes it both incredibly space- and cost-saving. With its extremely robust construction, a Powerblock will never let you down.
A PowerBlock consists of several parts that fit together, each with a heavier weight. These are clicked together with a heavy-duty double pin. This pin is attached to the handle of the middle part of the weights with a strong elastic band. You slide the pin between the weights to select a certain weight and attach it to the handle. Then you lift the chosen weight with the weight grip and you can start your exercises. It’s that easy!
Note: the Powerblock Pro 50 Commercial PBCOM32 CANNOT be expanded!
* With the PowerBlock Pro 50 Commercial, you can select the desired weight arbitrarily (up to 22.5 kg in increments of 2.25 kg) by moving the spindle from one weight to another.
* Easy to adjust
* Ergonomic handles
* Dumbbells with durable and impact-resistant urethane coating
* Welded stainless steel construction, finished with powder coating
* An open design of the handle provides a greater range of motion Comfortable contoured rubber grip
* Colored rings on the side rails indicate the weight of the weight selected with the pin
* Automatic locking
* Sold in pairs, so the prices shown are always per pair
* Ideal for athletes looking to efficiently set up their workout space. Additionally, the price is much lower than a full set of dumbbells.
* Urethane-coated steel plates
* Zytel pin
* Stainless steel material
* Contoured, comfortable TPR handles
* Power stand included
* 14.5 kg handles (2x)
* Kettlebell accessories available
* Replaces 9 pairs of dumbbells in 2.25 kg increments
* Max weight: 22.5 kg
* Sold per pair, so the prices mentioned are always per pair
* For professional use

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