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Unlock a near-unlimited amount of workout possibilities with the Body-Solid S2FT Series II Functional Training Center.

The S2FT?s dual independent weight stack system provides dedicated resistance with true isolateral movements from cable crossovers and shoulder presses to pull-ups, leg kickbacks and everything in-between. The pulleys adjust independently offering 34 different starting positions.

Taller than standard functional trainers, the S2FT provides unparalleled range-of-motion while Ergonomically designed adjustments and interchangeable cable handles offer workout variety.

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Fully-shrouded weight stacks are not only aesthetically pleasing but safe ? preventing users from dropping weights onto objects. Commercial grade cables, weight stacks and design make the S2FT one of the strongest, most durable training center on the market. Weight stacks are available in?72.5 and 95 kg.

Features Body-Solid?s exclusive rock climber grips to build upper body and hand grip strength. Includes?109 cm revolving straight bar for squat, deadlift, and press exercise.

The?35.5 cm padded athletic bar offers complex movements to simulate tennis, golf and baseball swings. The S2FT also includes two commercial adjustable nylon cable handles, an ankle strap,? and a?51 cm revolving straight bar.

With a space-saving footprint, dual independent weight stacks, user-friendly ergonomics and adjustability and precision-fitted components, the S2FT Series II Functional Training Center is a great addition to any workout space or facility.


34 starting positions for both weight stacks

Integrated chinning bar

Fully shrouded

Comes with 2x 72.5 kg weight stack.

Weight stack options: 95 kg (S2FT-2)

Distance between pulley is?160 cm

50 x 76 mm?11 Gauge Steel Frame

Includes?109 cm revolving straight bar,?51 cm straight bar, ankle strap, 2 nylon cable handles, and?35.5 cm athletic bar


Product : L 201.7 x W 137 x H 251.5 cm

Package 1: L 244.5 x W 72.5 x H 23 cm

Package 2: L 244.5 x W 77.5 x H 23 cm

Package 3: L 234.5 x W 72.5 x H 29 cm

Net/gross weight: 384.8 kg / 413.5 kg



Data Sheet (PDF)

Owner?s manual (PDF)

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