Treadmill ProRun

21% Incline, Next Gen AC Motor, 7 Hp Peak Load: a ’Runner’s High’.

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The next generation motor drive system delivers a 4 AC Hp continuous with a peak load of 7 Hp. Combined with a heavy-duty incline motor the ProRUNdelivers a speed range from 0.8 up to 20 km/h and an incline up to 21% .

This is a serious training platform for an intense and complete work-out.

Runners’ comfort:

With a long and wide running surface of 59 x 155 cm, the Progressive Shock Absorbing running deck and an orthopaedic 3 mm thick running belt, safety and security is more than a concept in the ProRUN. Walking or running on the ProRUN is safe for your muscles and joints.



The ProRUN has a noise level 1/3 lower than a regular treadmill. The maximum peak in a workout at 12 km/h is just 56 decibels, more or less the sound level of a normal conversation.


The console controls enable you to modify speed and grade with ergonomically positioned switches on the front panel.

Adjust your speed and incline with a single touch. The One Touch Control buttons allow you to control direct speed and incline settings with a single touch.

Your complete workout feedback on all data is shown in different LED windows.

The LED console displays a Manual Run, 12 Programmed Runs, 3 User Profiles, and 2 Heart Rate Control programs.

The ProRUN comes standard with a Work-out Fan.

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